Tour Booking Guide

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    First Step

    Choose Happy Holidays company to arrange your trip to Bhutan.

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    Second step

    Together we need to work out a trip itinerary. Based on the itinerary Happy Holiday will calculate the total tour cost which you need to pay in advance.

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    Third step

    Now you need to wire transfer the total tour payment calculated by Happy Holidays as well as USD 40 (one time visa fee) to the Bhutan National Bank through one of their certified international partners with the Happy Holidays specified as the ultimate beneficiary. Please email the bank wire transferred receipt copy to Happy Holidays.

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    Fourth step

    Happy Holidays will complete your visa application but you must them us a clear, scanned copy of your passport. Visa will normally be processed within a maximum of one weeks time.

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    Fift step

    Happy Holidays will email you a copy of the approval of your visa once your visa application has been approved.

Finding it difficult

Do not worry, Happy Holidays is always here and happy to help guide you through each process. Infact its easy. Just.....

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