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Bhutan Holidays Ltd. was started by Sonam W. Kesang, who has spent nine years in the tourism industry. His experience has taken him to South East Asia, Europe and North America taking part in tourism seminars and World Travel Fairs promoting Bhutan. His decision to separate from one of the largest company’s that held the number one spot in Bhutan and start a smaller one was simple. Working with a large company I found the essence of the travel trade lost. To me the essence meant making sure that the individuals received service, care and personal touch”. He completed a training program with the Bureau of Economic and Social Research (WES) in Brugge, Belgium covering the broader frame work of marketing of a tourism destination. Sonam W. Kesang is an outdoorsman by nature: he is a single digit handicapper in golf, takes part in national archery tournaments and still has time to be a family man. Bhutan Holidays Ltd. has a professional staff handpicked with similar ideas and goals for the company and their clients. Bhutan Holidays Ltd. offers a wide range of vacationing possibilities from mountain biking, trekking, walking tours, bird watching, textile tours and golfing holidays. The options are various to suit your needs and individual requirements.

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Anyone can dream a great vacation. But it can be hard work to make it happen and to find a travel agent who truly specializes in your trip. At Happy Holidays, we carefully select the Bhutan’s best boutique tour packages for you and also keep it flexible to customize the trip as per your interest. Our highest Priority is your safety and comfort. 

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